As the world's leading renewable energy company, we adopt environmental responsibility and sustainability as our business philosophy, and we implement this philosophy in every departments of the company, including even R & D, production and marketing departments. 

CSUN, which has production facilities ISO 14001 environmental standard certificate; has successfully reduced water consumption by 33%, electricity consumption by 17% and gas consumption by 30% with successful investments to reduce environmental pollution during the production process. Being in coordination with the relevant government departments, we give particular importance to the safety of employees. And also we are sensitive to the company's compliance with the rules on workplace health and workplace safety.

PV Cycle

All solar energy panel manufacturers in the EU member states must comply with the regulation of the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

CSUN is a member of PV Cycle which is a WEEE compliant organization and is responsible for the recovery and recycling of PV panels. PV Cycle membership is crucial not only for our customers but also for the environment, since the materials used in PV panels especially glass and aluminum are efficiently recyclable and reduce waste generation.

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