Specializing in the production of solar cells and solar panels, CSUN is continuing its rapid pilot research and development (R & D) activities of the new generation high-efficiency crystalline silicon cells with the support of the International High Technology Research and Development program. Our AR-GE lab is one of the most modern laboratories in the world. All CSUN panels are certified by international quality and safety institutes for international use. (IEC 61215 and 61730, UL 1703, MCS)

The strategy, aiming continuously research and development, is the power behind CSUN's high-efficiency crystalline silicon technology. In this context, our R & D researches have been carried out under the leadership of Dr. Jianhua Zhao who has been working on photovoltaic research since 1979. CSUN's aim in R & D activities are to increase productivity while regularly reducing costs in the solar cells and solar panels.

  1. CSUN Cell Efficiency Roadmap
  2. CSUN PV Module Efficiency Roadmap
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