At the beginning of the cell manufacturing process, the performance image of silicon wafers, the precessor material used in solar cells are examined regarding; thickness distribution, diversion, electrical conductivity, strength and service life. Subsequently, throughout the whole cell production process, various controls of cells such as; the weight, reflections, structure, extension, corner strengths and layer thicknesses are made.

Also; refractive index, reflection and fingerprint effects are tested and the temperature coefficient of the connection points, light-induced distortion, welding and torque resistance are also examined while the cells are separated related to their electrical voltages.


All materials such as backsheet, tempered glass, silica gel, connection box, frame, solder dust  and EVA papers purchased for use in panel manufacturing processes are subject to a detailed internal check. In the joining process, before and after the cells are laminated in the panel, the lamination are made with measurement by Electro Luminescenc (EL).

After the framing process, the connection box is placed and a secure fastening test is performed. After this process the current-voltage values ??and the visibility of the panels are checked. Final packaging and cargo inspections are made when the products are packaged and ready to be removed from the factory. Our staff conducts meticulous cross-checks and random sample tests in every process of production in accordance with product feature requirements. Also, TÜV and ISE conducts independent panel reliability tests for the reliability of spare parts and materials for our panels.

10 Years Product Guarantee
CSUN products are free from serious visible defects in materials and free from defects in unusual power output caused by workmanship or normal application and standard use as determined by IEC61215, IEC61730 and UL1703 standards. As set out in the CSUN installation and service installation guidelines, the guarantee term is 10 years.

25 Year Power Output Guarantee CSUN; warranty for a period of 25 years from the warranty start date under normal application, use, installation and service conditions (as specified in CSUN's installation guide). The initial output power of CSUN polycrystalline products can not be less than 97.5% of the minimum output power of the CSUN product data sheet, then the output power loss can not exceed 0.7% per year and results in 80.7% at 25 years. The initial output power of the CSUN monocrystalline products can not be less than 96.5% of the minimum output power of the CSUN product data sheet, then the output power loss can not exceed 0.68% per year and results in 80.18% at 25 years. Third Party Insurance Offering third party insurance with American Power Guard Company to safeguard its customers' profits in investments and minimize their risks, CSUN guarantees Panels independently of the company's business performance. CSUN has chosen YDPIC SolarSafe, a similar company, for third party insurance for customers in Japan in 2013. Main provisions of these insurances are stated below:
  • Valid for 25 years.
  • No waiting period.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Can not be cancelled.
  • Suitable for the needs of banks and lenders.
  • The third party has bankruptcy rights.

With our products having Power Guard insurance, we offer the most reliable investment performance for investors. The recording of the Power Guard insurance is made by CSUN. CSUN reports the serial number of all products sold to Power Guard. To view Power Guard extents online, visit http://powerguardsnverify.com. For more information about this insurance, you can contact your sales representative or contact CSUN's customer support department: (http://powerguardsnverify.com)


IEC61215 / IEC61730 / IEC61701 / IEC62716 / UL1703 * ISO 9001: Quality Management System * ISO 14001: Environmental Management System * OHSAS 18001: Occupation Health and Safety Management System

The newest performance guarantee
for the polycrystalline panels of CSUN


The newest performance guarantee 
for the monocrystalline panels of CSUN
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