CSUN has been actively engaged in solar cell production since its commencement in 2004 in Nanjing, China. With the experience in solar cell production, it offers high efficiency and reliability to its customers.

The advanced PECVD film technique provides a dark blue silicon nitride distribution and good color integrity, meanwhile the use of electrode solder and high quality metal paste for backside contact provides a good conductivity and high strength.


QSAR II (monocrystalline) and WARATAH (polycrystalline) panels have 5 busbars instead of 3, thus the current is collected more efficiently and longer performance is provided. With the help of a new fusion formation technology which is standard in semiconductor production, the QSAR II cells improves the life span of the minority carrier and allows frequent dispersion of cell performance in production. The QSAR II cells are free of PID and with the increased cell productivity it allows increase in power distribution in the board.

Using a special carrier transport technology to integrate into cell and panel designs, WARATAH increases post encapsulation cell and panel efficiency. The unique design of WARATAH technology makes a valuable contribution to production control by reducing the defective rate in the metallization process. At the same time, the unique design of WARATAH reduces power losses due to invisible cracks in use.


Leaded by Dr. Jianhua Zhao, who has been working on photovoltaic research since 1979, our R & D division has played important roles in the production and development of CSUN's high-efficient crystalline silicon technology.

Holding 62 patents and 98 patent application and including Dr. Zhao and Dr.Wang, our research team produced the current world record of 25% cell efficiency in 2008 in cooperation with Professor Martin Green's research team from the New South Wales University.


IEC61215 / IEC61730 / IEC61701 / IEC62716 / UL1703 * ISO 9001: Quality Management System * ISO 14001: Environmental
Management System
OHSAS 18001: Occupation Health and Safety Management System

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