CSUN and Chinese investors met with Vice Premier Mehmet Şimşek
On November 21th, at the invitation of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Turkey, CSUN Eurasia General Manager Yueming Ying participated in the “Vice Premier Level Consultations between China and Turkey”. Turkish Vice Premier Mehmet Şimşek took part in the meeting, met and shared ideas with each of the pepole in charge of 15 Chinese Enterprises involving industries such as energy, finance, telecommunication, transportation and trade.  

Mr Ying gave a brief talk to Vice Premier Şimşek on the development of CSUN Eurasia. As the pioneer of Turkish PV industry, the cumulative delivery of CSUN Eurasia to Turkey has exceeded 1.2GW, and so far CSUN Eurasia has been the enterprise in Turkey with the largest delivery volume. As the first Chinese PV enterprise who made investment and built factory in Turkey, not only does CSUN introduce the advanced technology to Turkish PV industry and nurture a large number of PV professionals, but also stimulate a batch of Chinese enterprises to invest in Turkey, which serves as the demonstration of economic cooperation between China and Turkey.  

Mr Ying communicated openly with Vice Premier Şimşek on new energy development trend in Turkey, and reported on the next stage of CSUN’s strategic planning in Turkey. Vice Premier Şimşek commented favourably on CSUN’s achievements, and hopes the Chinese enterprises, represented by CSUN, can continue ploughing the Turkish Market, positively participate in Turkey's economic development, and cooperate with Turkish partners to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

CSUN Eurasia attaches great importance to the expectations of Vice Premier Şimşek. CSUN Eurasia will actively seize the opportunity of rapid development of bilateral cooperation between China and Turkey, spare no efforts to expand Turkish market, deepen cooperation, and make a contribution to aligning the “Road and Belt” initiative and “Middle corridor” Initiative. 
25 November 2017 NEWS All News
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